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About us

Fone Tech aims to provide the people of
East Grinstead with the best quality phone repairs and customer service.

Worried about a broken laptop?

We specialize in repairing smartphones, gadgets, tablets, laptops, watches, and other devices. We will fix all the major brands with our repair services, including the following:

We Repair to Increase

Broken phones mean a hurdle in being productive. We repair your phone so that the businesses do not slow down.

Broken Screens

A cracked or damaged screen is disastrous in terms of performance, and it also looks awful. At Fone Tech’s phone East Grinstead repair shop, we can have your phone back in working order and looking fantastic again.

Water Damage

If you drop your phone in water or it suffers damage from water spray or immersion, Fone Tech will have it back operating incredibly quickly. So don’t let your water-damaged phone hold you back; bring it to our phone repair shop in East Grinstead, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Speaker Damage

A top-quality audio experience is essential if you are to enjoy your phone to the full. Unfortunately, however, your phone’s speakers can suffer damage from various sources. For example, water damage is a common cause of phone speaker malfunction.

Phone Reception and Signal Transmission

Having to move around to get a decent phone signal can be incredibly frustrating. However much you might want to blame the network provider, it often comes down to your phone’s antenna being damaged or battery.

Keypad Malfunction or Broken Buttons

Buttons are essential for you to access critical features of your phone, such as “on/off,” volume, navigation, etc. If you have a broken or malfunctioning button, it could render your phone useless.

Dead or Damaged Battery

Your phone battery could be damaged if you have dropped it, or it may have been used and recharged so many times that it has reached its end of life. If your phone battery is less than 50% effective,

Don't Let Phone Damage
Also Damage Your

Your phone is a crucial part of your business. If it gets broken or
is damaged, your business will suffer. Restore productivity fast
with our speedy phone repair service in East Grinstead.
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